Accessing The Current Laravel Application Environment

Accessing The Current Laravel Application Environment

you need to use

use Illuminate\Support\Facades\App;

and check environment

$environment = App:environment();

check the if else condition with $environment variable.

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How to get Guzzle Post Request Response?

You can use it for get body response

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Laravel 7 and password install common issue

Some developers make a simple mistake and get an error from Laravel 7 and password installation.

    - laravel/passport[v10.1.0, ..., 10.x-dev] require illuminate/auth ^8.2 -> found illuminate/auth[v8.2.0, ..., 8.x-dev] but these were not loaded, likely because it conflicts with another require.
    - Root composer.json requires laravel/passport ^10.1 -> satisfiable by laravel/passport[v10.1.0, 10.x-dev].

SOLVE: Please use this command why you install password 

composer require laravel/passport:^9.0

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How to query between two dates using Laravel and Eloquent?

Laravel is most popular php framework. Eloquent is a most useful feature.

Now, today's question is, How to query between two dates using Laravel and Eloquent?

The whereBetween method verifies that a column's value is between two values.

$start_from = date('2021-01-01');

$end_to = date('2021-02-02');

YourDbTableNameOrModelName::whereBetween('booking_from',[$start_from, $end_to])->get();

I hope it will be work and it's solve your problem.

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Remove public from URL at live server - Laravel

Sometime shared hosting create /public url issue. I face this issue many time with my Laravel 6, Laravel 7 and Larave  8 project. So, what i use for solve this issue, i am going to share with you.  /public is not good to look and also it's not good for SEO.

So let's remove this public from laravel project live URL.

Step One

Please go to root

rename `server.php` as `index.php`


Step Two

go to public folder and copy htaccess and paste it at -root. or make a new htaccess at root folder


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