PHP substr() Function

Sometime we need to show, less information for a card or details short view. When we click more or read more page, then it's will show the full content. So for this requirement, we can use PHP substr() function.

so it's same to same at php 8 & laravel LTS

substr($variableNameForDetails, 0, 20);

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How do i Concatenation String and Variable at PHP?

There are two string operators. The first is the concatenation operator (‘.‘), Read More

How to combine two strings together in PHP 8

How to combine two strings together in PHP 8.

When we develop any application using PHP language, for deferent reason we need combine two string.

PHP 8 is recently release, this combine is also work at PHP 8.



$fullName = "Jahidul Hasan Zahid"; //string

$age = 25; //integer

$address = "He is a software engineer. He complete his BSc in Software engineering at Daffodil International University"; //text

$concatenation  = $fullName . "( . $age . )" . $address;

echo $concatenation;


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PHP | rand() or mt_rand() function

rand() is a  inbuilt-function in PHP. It's use for generate a random number.

Syntax: rand() or rand(10,99)

The rand() function is use to generate a random integer. rand(min.max) - min specifies the lowest value return and max specifies the height value return.  


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